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Heart to Heart membership

Heart to Heart membership

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Join a community of kindred spirits for a season of conversation and connection!

Do you find yourself picking up your phone to scroll more often than you would like?

Perhaps you can’t shake the feeling that you’re searching for something, something fleeting interactions on social media can’t quite satisfy?

We’re wired for friendship, but modern life is undermining our relationships in so many ways.

If you're wondering how to thrive in a world full of distractions and voices competing for our attention, you’re in the right place…

Introducing Heart to Heart, a new membership program from Girl Talk & Verily

Heart to Heart is a brand new membership program brought to you by Verily and Girl Talk, designed to help you cultivate a deeper sense of community and a more nourishing approach to the content that you consume.

We're providing an intimate space for women to connect in small groups for guided, authentic discussions about what they’re reading, reflecting, and pondering.

Think of Heart to Heart as a way to slow down, refocus your attention on habits that nourish rather than drain you, open up conversation with kindred spirits, and forge new friendships to help you start 2024 on the right foot.

Enroll today to get access to all this goodness, January - March 2024:

Verily’s winter issue on the theme of “Home”, in print and digital format (if you’re already a Verily subscriber, you can gift your extra copy to a friend!)

 Access to our Heart to Heart online portal, containing:

  • Three articles to focus on, with the option to read or listen via a special audio recording
  • Conversation prompts and journaling questions to help you reflect alone and in your small group “pod”
  • Additional resources that link in with the themes that we are exploring together, if you have time and want to go deeper.

Heart-to-Heart small groups, known as “pods,” to meet regularly online:

  • A trained ambassador will lead your group of 6-8 women in a two-hour discussion each month (you’ll have a total of three small group sessions). Match with an ambassador and group that suits your time zone and schedule needs—we'll ask you for info about timing after you've signed up
  • A community-wide virtual event to kick off our time in Heart to Heart together
  • A community-wide virtual event to wrap up our time together, with special guests from Verily and Girl Talk’s team of writers and experts.

Heart to Heart membership costs $96.99 in total, or you can select "ShopPay" at checkout for an interest-free payment plan of four payments of $25.97, taken every two weeks. (Please note, these payment plans are only available to people who live in the USA.)

Join us to find authentic confidence rooted in a thoughtful exploration of who we are, accompanied by an encouraging group of women. Cart closes Friday, December 15 2023!

Got questions about the program? Feel free to reach out: or

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